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 Rent a Limousine Car with Us

KWLim Limousine Service provide limousine and travel transportation service with reasonable price to suit almost any traveling individual or group.

With speedy service and comfy environment of the vehicles conditions and with our full commitment in punctuality will definitely provide you, your family and your organization with superb experience with our services.

We want to make your vacation as luxurious and comfortable as possible. With a variety of vehicles frequently maintained and upgraded by us to choose from, we bring you the best chaffeur experience.

We strive hard to meet your limousine services standards and demands. Whether it is for business, events, sightseeing, wedding, birthday, corporate meetings and others.
We hope to be of immediate service to you and should you like to know more of our services, please feel free to contact us at +6013-7524788 /
+6012-752 8866
/ +65 9485 7968 or email us at kwlimlimousine@gmail.com